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A SkiRhmish worth remembering

You need to be bold to tackle issues. And that's exactly what innovation requires. A sense of not just facing difficulties, but of confronting them.


I just started reading a book called Good Blood by Julian Guthrie. Essentially, it tells the story of the pursuit to finding a solution to Rh disease. At the core of it, Rh disease describes a deadly problem where a mother's immune system attacks her baby because of differing blood types; this was a serious condition. Yet, John Gorman and Vince Freda took amazing strides in order to address the problem head on. Although I'm only at the beginning of the book, it's been quite inspiring to see how two scientists were perplexed over this medical mystery and the way to address it. Although, eventually, they had the aforementioned idea, they had to cross numerous obstacles in order to even secure funding for it. Overall, I think it's a statement of the diligence needed to drive discovery. Yet, more importantly, I think it's a statement of the passion need to drive discovery, for the outcome they saw was worth whatever effort they put it.

Source: Good Blood by Julian Guthrie

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