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Ideas are great. But, it's what happens after an idea that really matters. High school juniors and seniors have ideas all the time. However, due to limited resources and inexperience, it can be hard to actually get those ideas into motion to make products with real-life impact. After all, you might not know all the skills and knowledge needed for your prospective project. This is where GingerChip comes in.

GingerChip facilitates innovation by providing a platform for creative upperclassmen to initiate collaboration toward meaningful projects. Whether you have an idea you want to develop with a team or get an opportunity to use your skills and interests, GingerChip allows you to connect with other high school upperclassmen to actually work on innovation and discovery.

In addition to these collaborative resources, GingerChip also has a podcast and a blog to help fuel and inspire your innovative journey.

About GingerChip
How It Works
How Collaboration Works on GingerChip

Okay, so all this may sound good, but how exactly does it work. Simple. First, create an account with GingerChip. Then, update your profile with your technical and scientific skills as well as your interests. Remember, your profile is a way for people to get to know you and see if you would be a good teammate for their project. At the same time, you should always protect your privacy on the internet. Never put private information or details on your profile.

So, what's next? There are two paths you can follow once you finish updating your profile.

Path 1
Path 1

Once you have updated your profile, go check out what projects are being developed through GingerChip. You can view projects by clicking the Collaboration tab and then clicking GroupChip. Each group on GroupChip has a project that is being developed. See a project you like? Ask that group if they would be willing to accept you as a new group member. If you get accepted, congratulations! You're on your way to collaborating to foster innovation and discovery. Did you not get accepted? Don't worry! Try another project to work on. Or, maybe, start your own project.

Path 2

Do you have an idea? Do you think it could solve a problem? Do you think it could use the help of scientific and technical thinking? If so, then you can start a project on GingerChip. To create a project, head over to the Collaboration tab and, then, go to GroupChip. Create a group for your project. Before your group is officially made, you will need approval from the admin. Once your project group is approved, you can search MemberChip (GingerChip's member page) to ask for group members. MemberChip can be accessed via the collaboration tab. You can also wait for members to come to you to ask to be in your group. To help keep your ideas from being stolen, it is recommended that you keep your general project descriptions to a brief level.

Path 2
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